Is It Time to Get a Blu-Ray Player?

Televisions are constantly upgrading in quality, but now that more and more are finding their ways into homes fully equipped with digital and HD technology, it could be time to start making your DVD collection reflect that quality. Once you catch a glimpse of how blu-rays DVDs compare to normal off-the-shelf DVDs, you’re very likely…

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A Guide to Building a No-Receiver Wireless Home Audio System

Stereo receivers used to be crucial in building an audio system at home, whether analog or digital. But new technologies have changed this system today. This article will guide you on how to build a no-receiver audio system at home that involves multiple rooms or multi-zones. But what’s the problem with using receivers anyway? Receivers…

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Enjoy DVD movies on your HTPC with MPEG-2 format

As the descriptions above, HTPC has come to our life and make our life more convenient and bring much amusement. What is HTPC? HTPC is a home theatre system that is integrated with your personal computer, sometimes called a Media PC or Media Center. These can be purchased from retailers, or you can build them…

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