You Should Have These Three Electric Guitar Effects In Your Collection

If you play the electric guitar then I’m sure you know how easy it is to make different sounds. Because the electric guitar uses electric signals to create the sounds, it becomes possible to manipulate those signals for even more unique sounds. There are 3 essential effects that every guitarist should have in their effect collection.

The first effect I want to talk about is the Overdrive, or Distortion pedal. These pedals add a warmth and thickness to the sound of your electric guitar. They do this by clipping and compressing the original guitar signal.

You can choose from hundreds of different distortion pedals. Everything from heavy 60’s fuzz to light distorted overdrive is available in a distortion pedal. So it goes without saying the you must have a Distortion in your effect collection whether you’re playing Metal, Country or Rock-N-Roll.

The second effect I’d like to talk about is the Delay Effect. The delay effect is created by replicating your original guitar signal and playing it back at an interval after the original signal. You can have the signal be repeated once or as many times as you wish to create the desired echo effect.

The top uses for a delay pedal are for adding depth to the sound of your guitar and layering your guitar signal for complex harmonies. Short delay times will give your guitar added depth while longer delay times will give you the ability to create complex rhythmic harmonies. The delay pedal can be used in every type of music that you hear today.

The third pedal that you should have in your collection is the Chorus Pedal. The Chorus effect is created by taking your guitars signal and modulating it then combining the modulated signal with the original one. This creates the illusion of two separate instruments playing together, hence the term Chorus.

Guitarists use the Chorus effect to thicken the sound of their guitar. When a stereo chorus effect is used the spatial separation of the signals can give a lush, full sound to the electric guitar. Chorus effects are used in every type of music played on electric guitar.

If you’re an electric guitarist, eventually you will want to create more sounds from your instrument. That’s why effects are so popular for electric guitar players. As you start building your guitar effect collection begin with the big 3 Delay, Distortion and Chorus.

Matt Rushton is a 27 year veteran of playing live music. Matt is the author and webmaster of Live Musician Central. You can find all kinds of advice and instruction for improving your cover band. Matt also custom programs sound effect patch presets for the Fender Cyber-Twin SE amplifier.

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