The American Hip Hop Music History

The roots of American hip hop music can be traced down to western Africa and in various foreign cultures. The vocal style of popular rap can be associated with the griot tradition from Africa, where the griots wander from place to place singing their music and telling about history and traditions. Street performers, with their freestyle artform, dramatically influenced the impact of American hip hop music over the years.

Another influence in American hip hop music arose out of New York during the post civil rights era. People finding that gathering to celebrate personal events was a worthwhile activity grew, with it, the legendary block parties, soon, was created. Disc jockeys, who are usually seen only in underground clubs, were finding their way up the burrows and onto block parties everywhere, unleashing their beat driven creative mixes of soul, funk, and cultural music to entertain the more conventional masses. Their sound gained the attention of many and American hip hop music started to make some noise in the music scene.

The important thing about American hip hop music is that it wasn’t always been confined in a definition as other music genres were. The darker side of rap music gained much exposure for a while, as it assemble its own sense of notoriety, and not in the best of ways. Meanwhile, DJ made dance mixes was rising in fame and gradually building its own niche in American hip hop music. The underground clubs were rapidly rising into mainstream, and soon an inevitable clash of the two sub-cultures will begin.

Street performers carry with them tapes of DJ mixed beats, and performs their awesome break dance moves to gather crowds, adding up to the hype that is American hip hop. At the same time, during the peak of American hip hop music, the very definition of concert performances experience a unique development, soon devolving into competitions instead of planned exhibitions. Prominent rapper groups would battle all comers, arousing the crowd to judge who the winner is with their applause.

The colorful world of American hip hop music soon began to fade around the edges as more and more of the more rebellious artists became victims of their own lifestyles. The world of the american hip hop music entered a tailspin, as two of its stars,Tupac Shakur and the Notorious BIG, got murdered. The criminal acts committed by many popular artists came into people’s attention and the genre started to suffer the effects.

Now, American hip hop music has begun a resurgence in a more defined and acceptable manner. Gone is the violence and degrading lyrics, replaced with more thoughtful and positive music, with artists once again expressing their creativity with themed albums targeted more to rebuilding the popularity of American hip hop music in today’s world, with themes of love and community being the more prevalent topics. Whether this new manifestation will go as well with the people as the old remains a question, but it definitely did start off well.

The Influence Of Hip Hop Music On Teens.Is it possible for hip hop to influence teens in a positive way? If the music is popular in its own nature, then it should possess a positive effect. But the question is whether hip hop music influence can remain positive. The older version of hip hop had a greater influence, and truly was not as positive as people might have wanted.

The hip hop music influence in those days was dark, filled with anarchy and violence, targeting every aspect of life outside the inner city. Because the music is made by people wearied by the basic view of equality, it tends to foster the selfish act of taking anything one can want with complete disregard of the consequences. Lyrics of hate and degradation against people was so captivating that it led teens into doing things unexpected of them, awakening the darkness they had inside.

To achieve a positive influence over your listeners, especially impressionable teens, the music must have a positive influence. Primarily, early hip hop, lacks that type of influence. Society blamed the music for the teens’ bad behavior. If a genre is displeasing to many, then there is a tendency for society to blame it for what’s happening and ignore their own responsibity on the situation.

This influence over the years has changed as the music itself changed. Present-day artists brought back poetry to the music and almost completely extinguished the flames of violent themes. Now, we have a focus of theme that critics like to call pop wannabes. Something must have been going right, because in spite of its critics, hip hop music influence is bigger than ever.

The positive tones of the hip hop music influence today has brought back ideas of romancing your loves instead of harming them to get what you want, and is beginning to spread the word of how giving back to your society is more important than tearing it down. Perhaps these new generation of artists have seen something that the hip hop pioneers did not. That living hard, fast and brutal will lead you nowhere but towards self destruction. Many of them are now either dead or in jail, regretting so many bad choices they had made.

Those who made it, on the other hand, made it big, and have used the hip hop music influence to create positive projects that are being embraced by their fans. Many of them organized volunteer groups that are formed to help improve the lives of people living in the cities they grew up in. Consequently, fans all over, follow their example and many volunteer to help.

If the hip hop music influence can be called anything today, it should be evolving. Many of the current artists have overcome difficulties in their lives, and have made that a theme that they are rebuilding their careers around. That influence has had a positive effect on many of their listeners, especially in today’s economy. Instead of howling cries of hate, These artists are making a better image of themselves for a better cause.

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