A Guide to Building a No-Receiver Wireless Home Audio System

Stereo receivers used to be crucial in building an audio system at home, whether analog or digital. But new technologies have changed this system today. This article will guide you on how to build a no-receiver audio system at home that involves multiple rooms or multi-zones.

But what’s the problem with using receivers anyway? Receivers are not bad. They’re actually very useful. Without stereo receivers, there will be no way to determine signals from music sources like CDs or radio and there will be no means to get them through to speakers. The problem with depending on them, however, starts when you will need a lot of them to cover multiple rooms in your house. One will be fine, but two, three or more would weigh heavily on your pocket. So why be tied with such a system when you can get the same results without them?

The system involves (1) a database that stores your music collection, (2) technology to distribute the audio signal to your house, (3) a device that connects ordinary speakers to the distributed audio stream, and (4) a controlling device. Apple has a complete line of technology for this setup, which costs much much lower than other systems. Read more for details.

iTunes can be your single source of music. Keep them all in one place and you’ll never lose them. You won’t need to turn on the radio, play a CD, or download from other online sources. With iTunes, you can access the latest chart toppers, classical music, podcasts, and other types of music.

Just like the way Internet connection can be streamed throughout the house, AirPlay can stream audio from iTunes to any room you want or to all the rooms you want, even in the garden or patio if you’re having friends over. And to integrate existing speakers to your new audio system, you simply need Airport Express base station. It will automatically connect your speakers to the audio stream coming from AirPlay.

Now enters your favorite mobile device. With the iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad, you can now control the whole system. You can select the songs you’d like to listen to, select the rooms you’d want to light up (or should I say, sound up?), and relax from the comfort of whatever corner of your home.

This new system beats alternative setups by saving you as much as $ 1,000, compared with exclusively patented home audio systems. Why? Because basically, you need a lot less equipment and a lot less wiring. Everything is wireless.

There are other options in this setup. For one, you can choose to connect your speakers to the audio stream through Bluetooth technology instead of the Airport Express base station. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, you can listen to Internet radio through iTunes. You just need to know simple techniques to do this.

Music technology has definitely come a long way. Devices that used to be essential are no longer necessary. Former impossibilities have now become real. All you need is the know-how.

Create a wireless audio system among other possible digital home systems.

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